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Pet Dietary & Behavior Counseling

We will advise you on your pet’s nutritional and behavioral requirements at each stage of life.

Pet Dietary & Behavior Counseling in Rock Island, IL

Nutrition is critical to an animal’s survival and wellness. Dietary and behavioral therapy to assist you in obtaining the expert advice you require to effectively answer any queries you may have regarding your pet’s nutrition and weight.
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Pet Dietary Counseling

Whether your pet has particular dietary needs or wants to lose (or gain) a few pounds, our nutritional counseling services will help you reach your objectives while keeping your pet healthy. We provide nutritional consulting and feeding techniques for pets at various life stages, including growth, pregnancy, nursing, and the “golden years.” If your pet has a medical problem, we can assist you in selecting the best food for your pet’s needs.

The variety of pet diets available, each of which claims to have particular advantages for pets, can easily overwhelm a pet owner. To assist you in navigating difficult decisions, we can provide knowledgeable counsel. Use our nutritional consulting service to help you establish and maintain your pet’s ideal diet.

Pet Behavior Counseling

It’s critical to screen out any underlying medical conditions if your pet displays unusual or alarming behavior. A cat that defecates outside the litter box, for instance, can have a urinary tract infection. An arthritis-prone dog might not sleep through the night. All behavioral evaluations at Animal Care Clinic start with a physical exam, screens, and laboratory tests, which may include a complete blood count, serum chemical profile, thyroid screening, and urinalysis to rule out potential underlying health issues. The tests we suggest are based on the symptoms and general health of your pet. If a medical condition is found, we will review your pet’s treatment choices.

Assume that all tests are negative and that no medical condition is related to the behavioral change. In that instance, we will suggest ways to reduce unwanted behavior and may put you in touch with a trainer we trust who can give you a tailored behavior modification plan.

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