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Pets who receive vaccinations benefit from the activation of their immune systems and are better equipped to defend themselves against diseases in the future. Find out more below.

Pet Vaccinations in Rock Island, IL

The use of vaccines is essential to preventative medicine. Several infectious diseases, including rabies, hepatitis, parvovirus, bordetella, and Lyme disease, to mention a few, are prevented in pets through vaccination. All dogs and cats should, in theory, begin getting pet immunizations when they are pups or kittens and continue getting them up until they are senior citizens.
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Pet Vaccinations

We offer core and non-core vaccines to keep your kit or pup safe from life-threatening diseases. Core vaccines protect animals against high-risk diseases like rabies and distemper that can lead to their early demise. Non-core vaccines are given to protect pets against diseases that are prevalent where you live. Your Rock Island vet can help you determine what vaccines best suit your pet and how often he should be vaccinated.

A little portion or component of the disease—the antigen—is injected into the body as part of a vaccine to trigger the immune system’s production of antibodies, the body’s natural defenses. It will take two injections, three to four weeks apart, to create a mighty army of antibodies to fight off that disease for an entire year in a pet older than four months that has never received a vaccine.

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