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Pet Illness and Urgent Care

If your pet requires immediate veterinary services due to an accident or illness, we offer urgent and emergency care.

Pet Illness and Urgent Care in Rock Island, IL

We maintain a veterinary team on call to handle urgent and emergency situations that may arise so your pet can receive prompt, effective care.

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Pet Illness and Urgent Care

At Animal Care Clinic, we know that not everything proceeds according to plan. Just like people, our pets are susceptible to unexpected illness or injury. We recognize the stress this places on pet owners in this period of veterinary treatment that has never been seen before. At Animal Care Clinic, we want to provide the best care for your pet while also doing our best to assist you and your family. That could mean we can see you sometimes or believe your pet requires more extensive treatment, testing, and monitoring.

Please call Animal Care Clinic if you think your pet is having an emergency before you do anything else. Our knowledgeable staff can help evaluate your pet’s symptoms and determine whether it is truly experiencing an emergency and need immediate attention. If your pet needs to be seen immediately, as a drop-off or at an open appointment time, we’ll find out if one of our veterinarians is available.

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